Aveling Centre – the future

We’re excited to be playing an active part in the future of the Aveling Centre. Here’s the council’s statement on the current situation:

“Waltham Forest Council is making preparations to take over the hub building in Lloyd Park, including the café. The hub, which has been run by Waltham Forest College, will be managed by Waltham Forest Council from 1 November, after the college gave notice that they would be withdrawing from running the facility. The Council’s first priority will be to deliver a good quality offering from the hub café, at a reasonable price. A carefully managed selection process will be undertaken to find the right organisation to run the café on a long-term basis.

“The Council is liaising with the Friends of Lloyd Park, and is interested in hearing from local businesses and organisations that may be interested in taking over the running of the facility. Further information on this will be made available in due course. In the meantime the Council is working on interim arrangements for the running of the café.

“Councillor Chris Robbins, Leader of Waltham Forest Council said: “We are pleased to be working with the Friends of Lloyd Park to ensure that the hub building reaches its potential as a vibrant centre for the park.”

“The exhibition programme will continue in the Winns Gallery and the toilets in the park will remain open as usual, subject to some short-term closures for maintenance purposes. The community room in the hub building is not yet in use, however the Council intends to make it available once a new operator for the café is established.”

You can have your say and get involved in this and other park issues by coming to our AGM on Wednesday 22 October, 7.30pm at Hillyfield at the Park school.

*** Updated 23 October ***

The college will leave the park buildings on 29 October. The cafe will be closed for two days (30/31 October) for deep cleaning and will then re-open, with an interim tenant for the next six months, before a longer term lease is offered. The toilets will remain open, except for a couple of hours on the morning of 30 October, again to allow for a thorough clean before handing them over to the new tenants. The council will run the gallery in future, with input from the college and its students.