Dog show winners

This year’s dog show was our best ever, with 186 entrants and 22 dogs taking part in the on-lead agility.

Here are the winners:

Best junior handler
1st Merry the black Labrador handled by Annie
2nd Frankie the chocolate Labrador handled by Charlie
3rd Bembo the border terrier handled by Milo

Best trick
1st Rosie the border terrier with Assunta
2nd Troy, a “Betsy” with Jackie
3rd Toastie the Airedale with Fabien

Most radiant rescue
1st Sam the Lab/ Collie Cross with Scott
2nd Bert, a staffie mix with Alan
3rd Hugo, a “mish mash” with Ann

Most like owner
1st Jess the cocker spaniel with Sash
2nd Juni the labradoodle with Stina
3rd Moby the Cockney Cuddle Monkey with David

Biggest smile
1st Roscoe the French bulldog with Emilia
2nd Cody the Dachshund/ terrier mix
3rd Pongo the whippet with Francis

Best paw shake
1st Billie the collie/springer cross with Sarah
2nd Mabel the beagle with Sophie
3rd Alex the mini schnauzer with Alison

Cutest little dog
1st Alfie the miniature schnauzer with Karen
2nd Peanut the Chihuahua/Maltese cross with Teresa
3rd Chilli the mini dachshund with Michaela

Most handsome big dog
1st Bear the American bulldog/ mastiff cross with Kerry
2nd Hector the Boxer with Michelle
3rd Branston the Bassett Hound with Sejal

Most perfect pair
1st Chloe and Tess a Lab cross and a Black lab with Jean and Jo
2nd Bentley and Brinkley the cocker spaniels with Elaine and Melissa
3rd Elvis and Eva a Hungarian Viszla and a Lurcher with Lee

Best dressed (Star Wars)
1st Flora (Princess Leia) a Westie with Marion
2nd Milo (Bantha) a Puli with Vicky and co
3rd Sif (At-At Imperial Walker) a Great Dane with Naz

Best in Stow:

Bear the America Bulldog/Mastiff cross with Kerry.