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The Skate Park Users’ Group (SPUG) Committee, welcomes comments and enquiries from skate park users; parents and guardians of skate park users; spectators; potential sponsors, donors and traders, other park users or any anyone else who is interested in the skate park.

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Welcome to the Skate Park Users’ Group (SPUG).  SPUG is part of the Friends of Lloyd Park CIC.  SPUG was formed in 2016 (see ‘background’, for information about its creation).  SPUG members are volunteers and unpaid for their work (except payment of expenses).



The Skate Park Users’ Group aim is to represent Lloyd Park (Walthamstow) Skate Park users and people who support the skate park, in the management, operation, maintenance and improvement of this important recreational facility.


  • Produce an annual report
  • Organise skate park events
  • Consult with skate park users
  • Ensure the skate park is maintained
  • Where possible, improve the skate park
  • Liaise with Waltham Forest Council and other groups and organisations, on Skate Park matters


The SPUG Committee is composed of a chair and its members currently represent skateboarders and Micro-Scooter riders.  Skate Park users or supporters representing BMX bike and Pro-Scooter riders are sought and welcome to join the SPUG Committee.


The Skate Park Users’ Group is represented at meetings of the Friends of Lloyd Park, Board of Directors (BoD), and through the BoD representative, at meetings of the Lloyd Park Management Group and Waltham Forest Friends of Parks.

Annual report

SPUG produces an annual report, which is presented at each FoLP Annual General Meeting (AGM).  The report sets out the activities of the SPUG Committee since the last FoLP AGM, and planned activities before the next AGM.


In 2012 Waltham Forest Council completed a 2 year major refurbishment of Lloyd Park.  To mark that occasion the Council planned to organise a re-opening celebration event in the park.  As part of event attractions, the Friends of Lloyd Park (FoLP), Safety and Security Adviser – John Lawal, suggested a skate jam (competition), be held to mark the opening of the new skate park, following the loss of the original skate park (demolished to enable the new bowls green for the Walthamstow Bowls Club to be built – refer to ‘Old Skate Park’ for more information).

Despite John not being a skate park user, he planned and managed the event by himself.  That event led to John organising more skate jams in the park, between 2013 and 2016.  From knowledge gained in organising those events, and his involvement with skate park users, this led him to form the Skate Park Users’ Group (SPUG).



To cater for Young People using the skate park, and enable feedback, a Facebook Page will be created soon.


A blog for skate park users, their parents or guardians, and supporters will be created, to also enable feedback.


The Skate Park User’s Group (SPUG), Roll of Honour, will be a list of people who are respected or admired for their contribution to the management or development of the Skate Park, or SPUG.


Prior to the current concrete skate park being opened in 2012, there was another skate park in Lloyd Park.  That facility had wooden obstacles and was sited where the new Walthamstow Borough Bowls Club ground is.  Further information about the old skate park, including photos and links to sites showing photos of the old skate park, will be shown on this page soon.

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