Fun Fair in Lloyd Park

Despite being consulted by the council, and expressing our concerns that a large Fun Fair in Lloyd Park was inappropriate they have decided to proceed with it. FOLP believes it will create safety issues for visitors to the park and it will put undue pressure on parents who would have to find the money to let their children visit the fair. The only reason the council have agreed to it is the small amount of money it will bring in to the park. The council has provided the following details about the fair:

Hello everyone,

Confirming that the funfair will go ahead at Lloyd Park (assuming we keep the dry weather). For info:

  1. Entry day: Monday 24 September, exit day 8 October. Bowlers – I’ll be in touch separately to discuss parking.
  2. Operational days 28-30 Sept and 5-7 Oct. 4-8pm on weekdays and 2-8pm on weekend days.
  3. Eastern Field only (keeping as much distance as possible to housing). 3-4 kids’ rides, 4-5 adult rides, plus bungies and inflatables.
  4. Noise levels can be adjusted to suit the site.
  5. Security – wrap around fencing, CCTV, photo recognition.
  6. Porta loos will be provided and positioned prominently at the entrance.
  7. No licensable activities.
  8. £1 entry fee. Approx. £2 for kids’ rides and £3 for adult rides. 80% of rides are £1 only for first hour of operation each day (offer promoted on posters and social media).
  9. 6-8 private cars only (access only via Aveling Park Road gate).

You’re welcome to contact me if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,

Ellie Mortimer

Parks and Open Space Co-ordinator

Parks Development Team

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Tel: 0208 496 2822

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