Red Telephone Box

William Morris Gallery and red telephone booth, Walthamstow; London, England


On Sunday 24th March 12 noon Red Phone Box, Outside the William Morris Gallery, the Red Box project and William Morris ward councillors will be challenging ourselves to fill the red phone box outside the William Morris Gallery with sanitary products.

The Red Box Project is a community project run by local volunteer coordinators who collect menstrual products at local donation points and deliver them to girls who are experiencing period poverty in local schools and colleges, working in partnership with the public health team at Waltham Forest Council. Each school that is part of the project receives a red box filled with menstrual products, new underwear and tights for girls who cannot afford to buy them and this is topped up when needed. It is estimated that around 20,000 girls and women in Waltham Forest are experiencing period poverty and this often leads to girls missing school and missing out on their education. For more information please visit or email or join the Facebook group ‘Red Box Project Waltham Forest’.

We need your help for this fantastic community project. Can you help by donating products in advance or on the day, or can you even volunteer to become a Red Box coordinator to deliver much needed menstrual products to our schools or do you want to set up a donation or delivery point at your venue then please come along and help us meet this challenge! The donations given on the day will be given to local schools through the Red Box Project.

This is our first step in our challenge to use this listed red phone box at a busy corner in our ward in as many ways a possible in the Borough of Culture year. In the next year, the William Morris Ward councillors will be aiming to use the box and corner as a small pop up space every month, working with our local community organisations and artists in the ward, looking ultimately to adopt the box to protect and repurpose it. This is our first monthly event in our BoC calendar. 

Please join us


Councillor Grace Williams
Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Families

Working for the William Morris ward
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