Skate Park Facility


Use – Mostly used by skate boarders, BMX bike and Scooter riders.

Opened – Skate Park was completed in 2012, part of a major refurbishment of Lloyd Park.

Owner – Waltham Forest Council.

Obstacles –

  • Mini-ramp with plaza set up
  • A curved ledge
  • Brick quarter
  • Pyramid hip
  • Rails
  • A step-up block
  • Originally a pole jam was installed however this was subsequently removed for safety reasons.

Design and build – Facility was designed and built by Gravity Engineering Limited.

Build material – Concrete.

Size – 500 m2 (20 metres by 25 metres)

Supervision – The Skate Park is unsupervised

User levels – The Skate Park is designed for learners and intermediate level riders.

Maintenance – Waltham Forest Council are responsible for maintaining the facility.




For protection against rain and/or strong wind, there is no shelter over or in the immediate area of the skate park.  The nearest shelter areas are at the Aveling Centre, under the covered pedestrian way, situated between the Community Room and Winns Gallery, or under a purpose-built wooden shelter, located on the Island.


Graffiti or Defects 

Waltham Forest Council has a no-graffiti policy for Lloyd Park.  Skate park users, their parents or guardians are encouraged to report graffiti to the skate park surface.  Reports of damage to the skate park should also be reported to the Council.  Reports can be made to the on-site park keeper or online, to Waltham Forest Council, at:

Report a problem to the Council

Facility location 

Facility Location within Lloyd Park


Skate Park Users 

The Skate Park Facility is not supervised therefore skate park users are responsible for their own safety and for ensuring their actions do not harm other skate park users or spectators (‘ride at your own risk’).


Skate Park Owner (Facility)

Waltham Forest Council, as the Skate Park Owner, is responsible for ensuring the Facility is safe to use and maintained. Each year a safety inspection is made of the skate park to ensure is fit for purpose and will not cause harm to its users.  In-between the annual checks, the contractors, responsible for maintaining the park, are responsible for checking the facility and when necessary, reporting any defects to the Council.


The Skate Park Users’ Group (SPUG), are responsible for the safety of skate park users involved in competitions and other SPUG organised activities, and for spectators while competitions and other SPUG organised activities are held.  Given the skate park remains open for community use during SPUG organised competitions and activities, SPUG is not responsible for the safety of Skate Park users who are not taking part in competition training, competitions or other organised activities.


Skate Park Facility Area

Next to the skate park there are two wooden benches, for the use of skate park users and spectators.   There are no floodlights covering the skate park area. There are picnic tables and benches nearby.  There is one waste bin next to the skate park.

Within Lloyd Park

There are public toilets situated near the skate park, in the Aveling Centre.  In the same building there is also Le Delice Cafe and Restaurant in-the-Park.  Drinking water is available from the cafe and there is a water pump in the children’s play area.  The same building houses a First Aid treatment room (next to the Park Keepers Office).   For bicycle riders, there are bike stands next to the Aveling Centre cafe.  Lloyd Park is staffed with at least one park keeper, during normal park open hours.

Local area

Within the area local to the skate park there are several fast food shops and convenience stores.