To improve the skate park experience and enjoyment for the benefit of its users, parents or guardians, and supporters.

Planned improvements

Current planned improvements to the skate park area include:

  • new riding areas to the skate park platform;
  • new wooden seating benches (x2);
  • a long concrete bench; and,
  • subject to request by skate park users and the supporters, the addition of a new dedicated toddlers Micro-Scooter Area.

Subject to funding being available, we expect all of the above to be in place by the end of March 2019. Suggestions for furthering improving the skate park and immediate surrounding area are welcome.  Please email your suggestions to the SPUG Committee Chair, at the email address shown at ‘contact information’.

Skate Park Platform Extensions

The Council have agreed to extensions being added to the skate park platform.  Further details of the proposal will be shown soon on this page.

New wooden benches

The Council are to install a further 2 wooden benches, facing the skate park.  More details soon.

New concrete bench 

SPUG has also proposed the addition of a long concrete bench for the skate park, also to which the Council have agreed.  More details of these at a later date.

Toddlers Micro Scooter Area/Park 

A proposal to build a new dedicated area/park for toddlers to ride their micro scooters on has been suggested by SPUG, to the Council.  The Council have agreed to the proposal, subject to demand by park users.  The Council are currently undertaking a survey of park users, to establish what new facilities users would like to see in Lloyd Park.


Suggestions for improving the skate park and immediate area are welcome and should be sent to the SPUG Committee Chair (see ‘contact information’).



The SPUG are currently fund-raising to raise funds to extend parts of the skate park platform.  Our target is to raise £14,500 (plus VAT), by October, this year.  More details of the fund-raising and extension project at a later date.  As part of the appeal campaign, SPUG (through the Friends of Lloyd Park), has applied for funding from the Council’s new additional funding for parks and open spaces offer.


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