SPUG has a programme of free-to-enter skate park events, which are informal competitions; and education and training events for skate park users.


Skate jams are held:

  • Early May Bank Holiday (part of Friends of Lloyd Park May Fair Festival);
  • on two days of the Walthamstow Garden Party (WGP) (July weekend); and
  • a Halloween-themed event on the last Saturday in October or first Saturday in November.

Education and training

The SPUG Committee organises training sessions and education workshops for skate park users, their parents and guardians.  Education is provided in skate park etiquette, where advice and guidance is given on how to use a skate park, to avoid conflict. Training is provided for Skateboard users.

Event organisation

For each skate park event organised by SPUG, a project team is formed to plan, deliver and review the event.  Forms are completed and submitted to the Council for approval, including a risk assessment.  Organising an event by the team usually takes three or more months.  As well as managing events the management team also sources specialist individuals, groups and organisations, to provide support services for the event.

Each skate jam has a programme of events, and prizes for competition winners, an M/C, a sound system, traders offering skate park recreational products and, on occasions, a training opportunity is provided for new users of the Skate Park.

Information for Competitors

Information for skate jam competitors will be provided on this page, soon.

Information for Spectators 

When organised events are being held on the skate park spectators are advised not to walk on the skate park surface, due to the risk of injury to them or other skate park users.  A barrier will be in place around part of the skate park, to restrict access to the skate park itself.  The barrier will have a ‘flexible curtain’ at the bottom, to prevent skateboards from entering the spectator area.

Sponsorship opportunities

SPUG welcomes sponsorship for skate jam, education and training events.  Contact the SPUG Committee Chair for further information (see ‘contact information’).

SPUG thanks the following businesses who donated prizes or products for winners of our competitions (shown in alphabetical order):


Egg Tank Industries (ETI)  (

Enjoi Skateboards  (

Skateboard Wheel Company  (

Slam City Skates  (

Slick Willie’s (

Supreme  (

BMX bikes:

Coyotesports  (

Custom Riders  (

SourceBMX  (


Slick Willie’s (

Skate park clothing and/or footwear:

Dephect  (

Eastska8  (www.eastska8)

Volcom  (

Yes Fam  (

Skate Park design and build:

Gravity Engineering (


Event support services

SPUG thanks the following who have attended our skate jams and training workshops, offering products, providing food and refreshments, making announcements; and providing music, training, First Aid and temporary power supply:

Sound systems:

Vital Sound  (

Wheel Up Sound System (

Education and Training:

Learn to skateboard (


Le Delice in the Park (

First Aid:

First Aid Training Organisation (FATO)  (

Power supply:

P and J Entertainments  (



Egg Tank Industries (ETI)  (

Skate park clothing and/or footwear:

Eastska8  (www.eastska8)

Events organising – Work Experience opportunity 

Students who wish to gain work experience, by helping to organise, deliver and review skate park events are welcome.  Please contact the SPUG Committee Chair (see ‘contact information).

Get involved

If you wish to help plan or deliver skate park events, please contact the SPUG Committee Chair.  Event project team members are all volunteers but are paid for expenses incurred when acting on behalf of a project team. If you would like to volunteer to be a team member, contact the SPUG Committee Chair (see ‘contact information’).


SPUG also thanks the following local traders for their support for SPUG and the skate jam events:


Forest Fish Bar  (


Ozzy’s Wines  (


Winns Store  (